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Property Management Solutions 

With Property Management Solutions, you can substantially lower your COSTS and turn the difference into PROFIT!

Property Management Solutions, featuring Magic Fresh®, gives property managers  new options:
• Cleaner, fresher-smelling units and hallways;
• Reduced frequency of replacing carpets based on offensive odors;
• Increased revenues and profits.

Magic Fresh is a new, innovative technology which allows carpets to absorb and chemically break-down offensive odors.  This miraculous science lasts for the life of the carpet, allowing property managers to avoid replacing their units' carpeting every time a rental property is leased, at enormous savings for the property management company! 

In addition, Magic Fresh-treated carpets are so effective, property managers can lease without concern to pet owners, knowing that Magic Fresh is extremely effective in significantly reducing pet odors, including urine! 

Using Property Management Solutions enables property managers to save 30% of their annual replacement carpet costs while using a highly-desirable product that will provide a strong edge over competing rental companies!

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20.0 oz and 25.5 oz Solution Dyed
BCF Polyester Carpet Includes:

  Magic Fresh®
Proven effective in reducing household odors such as pet, cooking and smoking odors
• Self-renewing and effective for the life of the carpet
Not simply a deodorant to mask odors salt that acts as a catalyst, turning obnoxious odors into odorless gases
• Completely Safe and Natural!


Lifetime Stain No Exclusions Warranty

• 5 or 10 Year Wear Warranty
• 10 year Fade Warranty
• 10 year Manufacturing Defects Warranty
• Stands up to tough stains and harsh household cleaners - even a 50% bleach solution - without damaging the carpet fibers or voiding the warranty.

Solution Dyed Carpet
• The color is actually part of the fiber!
• Solution Dyed P.E.T. will never fade.
• Color is “Locked-In” and will stay always the same even in strong sunlight!
• Extremely resistant to stains from coffee, cola, spaghetti sauce, wine, soil, ketchup, 50/50 bleach, benzoyl peroxide and much more!
•  Even harsh cleaners can't fade the color!
Scotchgard™ 3M Protector
• Recognized as the most trusted brand name for stain and soil protection in the industry
• Repels liquid spills
• Protects carpets against dirt, dust, mud and grime
• Helps eliminate stains and protects against resoiling.
• Improved application process: “Base to Tip”
Advanced Soil Protection
• Guaranteed not to show a noticeable change in color resulting from dry soil accumulation that cannot be removed by routine vacuuming and other recommended maintenance procedures
• Keeps your new carpet beautiful for years!
   Green Smart BCF Carpet Fiber
• Manufactured with recycled, post-consumer use soft drink bottles, using energy from renewable sources such as wind power from turbines.
• Manufacturer is a negative-waste company, using more post-consumer recycled material than waste generated and shipped to the landfill.

"I spilled a gas can in my wife's car trunk and it immediately absorbed into the felt. I placed a carpet sample of Magic Fresh in the trunk to remove the odor. I was very skeptical but the next morning the gas smell was gone. That was almost three years ago…the sample is still in the car and the odor is still gone!"

You're Probably Wondering...ow long does Magic Fresh last?

Magic Fresh works continuously for the life of your carpet – up to 10 years or up to 5 hot professional extraction cleanings.

Where do the odors go?
All odors are broken down at a microscopic level and released into the air. Your nose will not be able to detect any odors.

Did You Know..?

• Most people recall smells with 65% accuracy after one year.
• 80% of adults believe most homes have a distinctive odor.
• Women are born with a better sense of smell than men.
• 72% of all U.S. households own a dog or a cat. That’s over 77.4 million pets!

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