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Other Services

In addition to our sales and installation services for granite countertops and all manner of flooring, BR Carpet also offers many other types of related services.

If your floor has been damaged (whether ripped, burned or stained) and only a small area needs to be replaced or repaired, BR Carpet is able to provide low-cost patching services. We can either remove a piece of carpet from a concealed part of your home (such as a closet) or order a new replacement piece of carpeting. Our highly skilled installers are then able to patch the damaged area, blending seams so meticulously, that the patch is virtually indistinguishable from the rest of the room’s carpet. This service is also available with virtually any other type of flooring material, such as vinyl, hardwood, tile, etc.

Hardwood floors are designed to last for decades. And while our waxing and buffing services can provide a beautiful shine, refinishing a floor is typically the only way to restore your beautiful hardwood to like-new condition while increasing the value of your home. In some cases your floor may need only a top coat of finish to brighten a dull surface or repair minor scratches. In other cases a full sanding and refinishing is necessary if you may have unsightly bare spots appearing on your floor, if you desire an entirely new color for your floors, or if you wish to switch from a waxed-finish to a lower-maintenance finish for your floor. Regardless of how extensive the project, BR Carpet can bring out the warm, rich beauty of your floors, reminding you again why hardwood is such an enduring favorite in any home.


After a carpet has been installed for some time, the fabric can relax, causing the carpet to lose some of its tension and even resulting in slight waves, ripples or bunching of the apparent excess carpet. Not only does this lessen the beauty of your carpet, it also is more difficult to efficiently clean and can become a very serious tripping hazard. BR Carpet provides restretching services in your home at a low cost. Our skilled installers will stretch the carpet tight as a drum using professional-grade power-stretchers, adjusting the carpet carefully to match up any custom cuts, such as those for air vents, closets or recessed areas of your room. The finished product has the taut appearance of a newly-installed carpet at a fraction of the cost, extending the life and beauty of your carpet.

Water Damage
Even minor water damage can cause irreparable harm to your carpet and other flooring if it is not quickly addressed. BR Carpet is able to assist you in taking immediate, emergency steps to preserve as much of your carpet and pad as is possible, using our Rapid Response Team and our industrial fans to dry out any salvageable materials. In the event of major flooding, we can also work closely with you and your insurance company to determine replacement costs for your flooring materials and installation. Let us serve as your one-stop shop for a swift and worry-free resolution.

Other repairs
In addition to those services listed above, we also provide virtually every kind of repair service needed to maintain, repair or replace all flooring types and styles. Whether your floor needs to be leveled, or you have scratches or dings in your hardwood floor, or if the floor feels spongy or sags, or if your sub-flooring boards are warped, slanting or damaged by termites or flooding – BR Carpet can help! Put our decades of experience to work for you in taking all the worry out of a project, as our all-inclusive services cover any possible needs you might have for flooring repair or replacement.  Please email us to let us know how we may be of service!